Edge’s Maestro Program: Simplifying Permitting for Dairy Farms

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative announced a first-of-its-kind program providing dairy farmers with the tools and resources needed to navigate the permitting process. The Maestro program assists farmers in orchestrating the many steps and processes of obtaining and maintaining a permit. It will also include a proprietary technology platform to help farmers capture their on-farm data.

Working with the Maestro program, farmers will receive ongoing collaboration to keep the permitting process moving forward. Additionally, the program will be creating a network of service providers familiar with the permitting process.

“The permitting process can be a quite complicated and challenging endeavor,” Tim Trotter, Edge CEO, said. “We aim to change that for dairy farmers. By serving as the project manager, our team works to ensure farmers have the insight and assistance needed to streamline the permitting process.”

“Through the Maestro program, farmers can be assured that they’re working with reliable providers through all aspects of the permitting process, from initial application to technical evaluation, community relations and ongoing compliance and also reporting,” he said.

Dairy farmers looking to expand or who have already reached the level necessary to apply for a permit can receive assistance through this program. However, members of the Voice of Milk, including Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, Dairy Business Association or Minnesota Milk Producers Association members, have priority access to the service.

Those interested in the services offered through the Maestro permitting program can find more information at voiceofmilk.com.