Easterseals Pivots With Fund Raising Efforts

As the world slowly transitions into 2021, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
of 2020 is still ever-present, in our personal and professional lives alike. In a normal world,
Easterseals Wisconsin would just be kicking off their fundraising season, gearing up for Winter
Warm-Up in downtown Wisconsin Dells, Starry Night in Madison, Golf Outings in the Dells and
in Marathon, Sporting Clays in Johnson Creek. Summer campers getting fired up, eager
cannon-ballers ready to make waves in the pool, zip-liners heating up the wire. Veterans and
their families packing their bags to attend the first of two Veterans Family Camps at Camp
Wawbeek. Farmers have begun tilling the ground, breaking up winter, and welcoming in
spring. Entrepreneurs eager to pack up the artwork they’ve been creating all winter, ready to
set up at the first festival of the season. As individuals with disabilities, they have connected
with Easterseals Wisconsin and the opportunity to fulfill their desire for independence because
of the program or service the organization has provided.

Since 1926, Easterseals Wisconsin has provided services that help children and adults with
disabilities. The organization has managed to survive through WWII, the Great Depression of
1929, the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, and multiple pandemics. And even through some of
the most difficult times, Easterseals Wisconsin has managed to stay vital because of the
support of the communities they serve. Clients, client families, and business partners alike
have been committed to keeping the organization’s mission alive and well – no matter the

Easterseals Wisconsin has been fortunate to partner with amazingly generous individuals and
businesses throughout the state. Teaming up at fundraisers, matching donation gifts, volunteering their time and energy to promote a mission they so deeply believe in. This past year has shown us how resilient we can all be, and that even though times may be tough, we dig in our heels and figure out new ways, re-evaluate, and take a new direction so that we can continue on with what is important to us.

Easterseals Wisconsin would like to say thank you to so many who have been a part of continuing the rich traditions of Easterseals Wisconsin. The clients they support, their families, and their communities thank you. The organization has received heartfelt gratitude for what they do and realizes that the services they offer are vital to so many.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all but one of the organization’s 2020 fundraisers was cancelled. To date, three fundraisers in 2021 have already been cancelled. Due to these circumstances, we are urgently asking for support virtually. If you are interested in supporting Easterseals Wisconsin, please join our 2021 annual campaign online. Learn more at eastersealswisconsin.com/donate.