DNR Recruiting Next Class Of Wisconsin Conservation Wardens

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) encourages anyone with a passion for helping people and protecting natural resources to apply to be a part of the next class of conservation wardens.  

The 2021 DNR conservation warden application period opens April 12 and the DNR will accept applications for approximately two weeks. Learn more about this remarkable and critical career and apply here.

“DNR Conservation wardens serve everyone who depends on our natural resources, and that means every person in our state. Building a diverse team of conservation wardens is critical to our success,” said DNR Training Director Capt. Cara Kamke. “We have an effective training program to help newly-hired staff find success in this unique career, and we hire people from a wide variety of backgrounds. No prior law enforcement experience is required.”

Conservation wardens are credentialed law enforcement officers who work throughout the state, enforcing natural resource and recreation safety laws, educating the public on conservation topics and providing law enforcement services on state parks, forests and trails.  

“We work in the big cities and the rural areas throughout Wisconsin, providing a voice to our natural resources and ensuring the safety of the people who enjoy and depend on our environment,” said DNR Conservation Warden Marcus Medina. 

The work conservation wardens do on state properties is also a critical part of the mission. Working in state parks, forests and trails offers unique experiences mixing both traditional and natural resources law enforcement duties.

“What we do now will directly impact the environment and resources we will pass on to future generations,” said DNR Conservation Warden Vong Xiong. “My best day as a warden is knowing I made a difference. Nothing lasts forever if you don’t take care of it, and that’s why I became a Wisconsin conservation warden.”

DNR conservation wardens work cooperatively with other law enforcement and public safety agencies at the local, state and federal level of law enforcement and emergency response initiatives.  Conservation wardens also respond to natural disasters and public safety emergencies. Partnerships and relationships play a big role in the success of the conservation warden team. The DNR regularly partners with local communities to help educate them, solve problems and address concerns.

Part-time conservation warden positions also are also available. Interested candidates can apply once and will be eligible for both full and part-time opportunities.