DNR Gets Money To Restore Wetlands

The Wisconsin DNR was one recipient of the USDA’s $5 million in grant funding for the Wetland Mitigation Banking Program. The program supports the restoration, creation or enhancement of wetlands to compensate for unavoidable impacts to wetlands at another location.

The WMBP helps agricultural producers comply with wetland conservation provisions and conserve ecologically important wetlands by allowing for off-site mitigation through the purchase of credits from wetland banks established and run by local partners.

This year’s awards prioritized projects in states with large amounts of wetlands as well as large numbers of producers with wetland determination requests. The Wisconsin DNR got $516,000 for its project.

“The Wetland Mitigation Banking Program supports critical wetland restoration and protection while also expanding options for farmers and ranchers,” says Natural Resources Conservation Service Chief Terry Cosby. “Wetlands provide valuable ecosystem functions, including wildlife habitat and groundwater recharge.”