Dirt Flinging Begins Again

After a dismal 2020, Wisconsin tractor pull enthusiasts can grab their ear protection and get ready for another season of competition at fairs and festivals all across the state!

Greg Elsing, President of Badger State Tractor Pullers, says they’ve been working on their 2021 bookings since January. “There’s so many things to pull together.” he says “We’ve got insurance, track managers, eliminators and the drivers that all have to get coordinated. It doesn’t just come together in a week.”

Elsing says there are a few festivals and fairs that changed their plans for track entertainment this year, several because of the precarious position the organization/association may be in financially.

Elsing also notes that the pulls they’ve already been involved with have been huge! Saturday, June 12th, BSTP held a charity pull at a new location in Baraboo. “It was absolutely huge – probably the biggest we’ve had for that show,” Elsing commented. He expects similar response for the remaining pulls. Find their complete schedule at https://bstponline.com/events/