Dairy Wellbeing Workshop On The Calendar

The 2023 Dairy Wellbeing Workshop presented by Professional Dairy Producers is an opportunity for all members of the farm team to better understand how to manage pain experienced by dairy cattle. The repeating one-day sessions will explore ethical approaches to decision making regarding animal welfare and offer attendees a firsthand look at how animal care choices impact cull cow quality.

The workshop will be held on Feb. 21 and repeated Feb. 22 at the Tundra Lodge Resort Waterpark and Conference Center in Green Bay. Pre-registration for this program is required. On-site registration begins at 8 a.m. each day with programming to conclude daily at 4:30 p.m.

Each one-day session will begin with a tour of the American Foods Group facility in Green Bay, where participants will trace cull cow quality backwards from the cooler to the harvest floor. Beef buyers, market experts and USDA meat inspectors will share insights on carcass conditions, body condition and condemned cows, as well as how care at the dairy farm level impacts beef quality.

“Providing the best possible care for animals in every stage of life is the goal of all dairy farmers, but it can be challenging to know when and how to treat pain, or to make decisions when an animal is sick or injured,” says Fox Lake dairy producer and PDPW Board President Katy Schultz. “We’re excited to bring together top experts on pain management and animal welfare to share the latest research and best practices to help every dairy team member recognize how to make decisions that are best for the animals and people who care for them.”

UW-River Falls Dairy Science Prof. Kate Creutizinger will present “Managing pain throughout the life cycle,” which will outline pain experiences animals may encounter throughout their lifecycles. While some events may be considered routine, such as disbudding, Creutzinger will lead a discussion on other circumstances of pain, how they can be identified at the farm level and how to manage them.

American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Welfare Division Assistant Director Sharon Kuca will lead the Assessing Animal Welfare session. She will walk participants through the Animal Welfare Assessment Contest Workshop that integrates science-based knowledge with ethical values for an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and share tips on implementing it on dairy farms.

Learn more about the 2023 PDPW Dairy Wellbeing Workshop, including speaker information and available continuing-education units, and register your team today by visiting www.pdpw.org.