Dairy Hub Expands Horizons At UW-Platteville

The Dairy Innovation Hub is busy at work expanding their research and development efforts at the UW-Platteville campus. 

Tera Montgomery, the UW-Platteville liaison for the Dairy Innovation Hub, says they are looking to hire a new faculty member in dairy business development. Despite the small size of Platteville’s dairy department, they have engaged students and faculty from across campus. She says they want to help show the industry how to create something similar to what they have.

The university has seen three new hires since the Dairy Innovation Hub began, beginning three new research projects including with an agriculture and biological systems engineer for the first time in campus history. Funding was also used for the reinstallment of Lely milking robots to focus on ruminant nutrition and getting Pioneer Sweets well underway.

In the first year, UW-Platteville got $240,000. In year two: $1.872 million. The third year will also bring $1.872 million. The next state biennium budget (2023-25) will determine additional funding.