Dairy Farmers Wanted In Digester Conversation

Dairy cattle manure is already recognized as a valuable fertilizer, but its potential as a renewable energy source has still not been fully realized.

Dairy farmers often do not consider biomass energy investments because of the regulatory and business hurdles they can face, explains John Holevoet, director of government affairs at the Dairy Business Association.

DBA has partnered with the Wisconsin Biomass Energy Coalition in efforts to make digesters and biomass energy investments more appealing in Wisconsin. WBEC is a nonprofit, independent trade association launched in 2019 with a mission to advance policy solutions supporting nutrient management and water quality challenges through renewable natural gas digester facilities.

DBA has joined WBEC to ensure the dairy community has a seat at the table planning the future of renewable energy opportunities in Wisconsin. WBEC believes that dairy farmers have an important story to share and is waiving the $500 annual membership for DBA producer members.

To learn more or join WBEC, contact Anne Hauer at [email protected]

In his interview with the Mid-West Farm Report, Holevoet also highlights some of the initiatives the DBA wants passed in the legislative session this fall, including the ‘truth-in-labeling’ bills, which in order to be effective, relies on other states to implement.