Culinary Lavender Coming Two Weeks Early

Welcome back as we introduce you to the bounty of specialty crops that Wisconsin has to offer and the families who produce them.

In the rich agricultural region of southeast Wisconsin, you’ll come across a unique specialty crop with an unmistakable fragrance. Lavender. You may think of lavender as an ingredient in soaps, sachets, or perfumes. But the field we’re visiting today is full of lavender for you to consume.

At Lavender Near Me in Whitewater, Amy Curtis and her family grow five food-grade lavender varieties totaling 1,300 plants. They opted for culinary lavender because it is a niche market. Flavors range from sweet to savory, satisfying needs for cookies and frosting to rich meat marinades.

Curtis says the schedule for this year’s crop is unusual compared to past years. The harvest will be about two weeks early. That means the public U-Pick event is early, beginning Father’s Day Weekend — June 15. The early harvest could mean they get a second crop in the late summer.

What doesn’t get harvested by the public during U-Pick events, the Curtis family cleans and packages for sale to those interested in culinary lavender. Lavender Near Me sells to wineries, breweries, bakeries, and coffee shops, to name a few. Plan your visit:

Whether for commercial use or curb appeal, lavender’s benefits are vast. The plant deters deer, rabbits, and mosquitoes thanks to the oils that give it its fragrance. It’s also a very calming plant.

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