Crops Slowly Respond To Weather Change

We have seen quite the contrast in weather over the past few weeks, going from very hot and dry weather to quite a bit cooler and finally some much needed precipitation. The USDA Crop Progress and Condition report released today shows a slow response in crop condition, but at least a positive one.

The biggest improvement we see in crop conditions is actually in the state’s soybean crop. At 68% good to excellent, it gained six percentage points above last week. They are now reported as 11% blooming, which also positively is two days ahead of last year and four days ahead of the five-year average. It’s expected that we may see some pods begin setting in some fields this week.

When we look at our other crops, so far we see very slow response to this change in weather. The corn crop remains at 69% good to excellent, unchanged from the week prior. We see that oats came up only one percentage point to 75% good to excellent. At least are making good progress being 79% headed, 5 days ahead of last year and 10 ahead of the average. Potatoes also only rose one percentage point at 88% good to excellent condition.

It’s hard to believe we are only two more days away from July, and second crop hay is well on it’s way at 29% completed. Second cutting is 6 days ahead of last year and 4 days ahead of the average. Farmers from here on out for a while seem like they will have to dodge the raindrops to put up dry hay, but we can’t complain about the moisture we so desperately needed. Luckily hay quality is showing decent numbers at 62% good to excellent, three percentage points above last week. Hopefully, weather patterns for the rest of the growing season give what’s needed and continue improving crop condition.