Crops Progress Despite Dry Conditions

Crops around the state seem to be holding relatively steady in condition and are making headway in development. The Crop Progress and Condition report released today by the USDA shares details on how things are looking. Warm and dry conditions have been suitable for getting fieldwork done, but is it helping our crops to stay on track?

Corn is currently reported at 69% silking, four days ahead of last year and six days ahead of the 5-year average. 5% of the crop is now within dough stage, which is two days behind last year but three days ahead of the average. Condition of the corn crop dropped just one percentage point this week to sit at 75% good to excellent.

Soybeans are now observed at 78% blooming, just two days behind last year but six days ahead of the normal average. 47% of the soybean crop is setting pods now, also six days ahead of the average. Good to excellent ratings for soybeans remain unchanged from last week at 72% in those categories.

In other crops, oats are 83% colored and already 15% harvested. Oat harvest is currently 3 days ahead of last year and the average. Oat condition rose two percentage points to hit 74% good to excellent. Potato harvest is now 5% complete with 96% of the crop rated good to excellent, 1% higher than last week. Winter wheat is now 62% harvested, nine days ahead of the average. The final winter wheat condition report of the season now ended at 77% good to excellent, two percentage points below last week.

Second cutting alfalfa is nearing completion at 92% finished. Third cutting is following right behind now with 25% of that crop harvested as well. All hay condition is currently rated at 70% good to excellent, one percent down, while pasture is also two percent down at 60% good to excellent.

We are still lacking in precipitation on the year, and weather conditions now and through this week don’t look to change that much. Most of Wisconsin is in need of some rain, as much of southern Wisconsin missed out on any precipitation last week. Temperatures around the state have remained anywhere from two to four degrees higher than normal as well.