Crop Progress Positive For Wisconsin

Wisconsin is in good shape when it comes to crops. Planting across the state is nearing its end, while first crop hay is already underway. Monday, the USDA released the Crop Progress and Condition Report for Wisconsin and dug into specifics on exactly what things look like in the state.

On the planting end of things, 98% of corn and 97% of soybeans are in the ground and nearly all of that has also emerged. 90% of corn is now at least sprouted, which is five days ahead of last year and 11 days ahead of the 5-year average. Corn condition is currently rated 76% good to excellent even after some cold weather and frost damage not long ago. Looking at soybeans, 83% of the plants have emerged which puts the crop at six days ahead of last year and an impressive 13 days ahead of the 5-year average. Their condition isn’t looking too bad either, at 72% good to excellent.

To continue this positive progression however, Wisconsin is going to need some more rain and moisture. Different reference points across Wisconsin are showing shortages across the board. Rainfall this year since June 1st is about a half inch short of normal, and is significantly short of normal on a year-to-date basis. Luckily for now, the topsoil and subsoil around the state has been holding on to a good amount of that moisture. However, if we continue to see these increased temperatures, that range from five to eight degrees higher than normal, along with minimal rainfall that moisture won’t last for long.

When it comes to hay and pasture, things are looking alright there as well. 67% of first cutting alfalfa hay is now harvested, up from 27% only about a week ago. Farmers are moving fast on hay making, at five days ahead of the normal average. Hay condition across the state is rated at 70% good to excellent quality. Pasture condition is rated 68% good to excellent, which unfortunately is 5% lower than last week. More moisture is really needed to advance pasture progress any better.

The report includes the status of a few other Wisconsin crops as well. The condition of the potato crop is rated 86% good to excellent. Oats are 94% emerged with condition at 80% for good to excellent. Winter wheat is 65% headed with a good to excellent rating of 87% statewide.

For more information on crop progress now and throughout the growing season, visit the USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service’s website at