Creating Value For U.S. Meat Overseas

The United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) continues to navigate the global trade landscape by implementing a variety of strategies to help strengthen existing trade relationships and explore new market opportunities.

“At USMEF, we don’t key in one country,” explains Dean Meyer, Past chair of the US Meat Export Federation. “With 19 offices around the world and a presence in 80 countries, we’re flexible. We can swiftly redirect products to alternative markets when necessary due to factors like inflationary issues and currency fluctuations.”

With cattle numbers being low, Meyer says their strategy lies in the diversification of meat products. They are particularly focusing on underutilized cuts and variety meat.

“By adding value to cuts such as tongues, livers, and kidneys, USMEF opens doors to markets like Japan and Mexico. We aren’t taking away from the US consumer. Instead we’re adding value to the cuts that we don’t consume here.”

In addition to this product diversity, Meyer says they are using value-added promotions of sliced pork loin to create products like “tonkatsu” in Japan. They also have cooking trucks that go around to different retailers and show people how to cook our product.

Looking ahead, Meyer sees both challenges and opportunities on the horizon. While emerging markets like Africa present new frontiers for expansion, competition from countries like Brazil poses a significant challenge. However, USMEF remains confident in its ability to differentiate US meat products through superior quality, infrastructure, and sustainability practices.

As part of its commitment to transparency and consumer education, USMEF continues to promote the quality, safety, and sustainability of US meat products through various media channels, including podcasts, YouTube, and social media platforms.

Meyer added, “While challenges persist, with our strategic focus on diversification, value addition, and sustainable growth, we are ready to overcome challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities, cementing our position as a global leader in meat exports.”