Crafting Sweet Success: The Honey Acres Story

Honey Acres has redefined the landscape of honey production by creating value-added products. The journey began with a five-generation legacy of beekeeping that traveled continents from Armenia to the West Coast of the United States.

Narek Gabriellian, the Chief Executive Officer at Honey Acres, says, “my father became the master beekeeper for an operation on the West Coast. He oversaw the growth of colonies from 5,000 to 12,000 in just a few years.”

The pivotal moment arrived when fate intertwined their path with Honey Acres in Wisconsin. Recognizing the struggling state of the business, Gabriellian’s father saw potential in the property.

“Honey Acres was primarily bottling honey, facing tough competition from imported varieties,” Gabriellian explains. “We realized the need for innovation, transitioning from jarred honey as a commodity to crafting value-added products.”

This transformation led to the creation of their signature Dark Chocolate Honey Patties. These patties are a blend of pure honey, chocolate, and also peppermint oil. Overcoming challenges through automation, this innovation breathed new life into the business, anchoring it in Wisconsin’s rich honey heritage.

“We observed a disconnect between beekeepers and packers, with varying goals in pricing,” says Gabriellian. “Our approach focused on building relationships with beekeepers, sourcing Wisconsin honey at fair prices, and also crafting unique products that resonate nationally.”

They also expanded to making honey spreads, incorporating flavors like cinnamon, apple, raspberry, and lemon.

Consumer demand trends showed a shift toward authenticity and transparency. “Consumers seek real, pronounceable ingredients,” says Gabriellian. “Our three-ingredient chocolate stands as a prime example, aligning with the quest for genuine, identifiable foods.”

He added that, “Consumers aren’t just buying honey; they’re investing in their local communities. Our collaboration with local producers fosters this sense of community and shared benefit.”