COVID Sparked A Need For Seed

The pandemic has brought forward issues with labor, supply, and more – including an increased demand for garden seeds.

Nathan Zondag, the President and CEO of Jung Seed, says they haven’t had many issues in terms of seed supply but if you’re looking for a specific breed of plant, especially those from overseas, you need to make sure you get those now.

Labor and trucking issues have impacted their greenhouse supply this year, making it harder to keep plants in stock. Zondag predicts that many gardening centers will run low in supply of vegetable plants like peppers and tomatoes, and bedding flowers like petunias.

If you’re looking to plant fruit trees in 2022, he also says that this is the year to do it. Because trees are on a three-year cycle, and most of the back stock has been used up during the pandemic, there will be a tight supply in the next few years.