Country Living Requires Homework

For some people, the dream of finding that little piece of paradise in the country might come true this year. Warmer weather’s got home buyers out earlier than normal for the state, and lenders are seeing a surge in interest with the hope of lower interest rates later this year.

Steve Leffew is a loan officer with Compeer Financial. Today, Wednesday, he’ll be helping home buyers that want to target rural properties navigate around potential landmines when it comes to liabilities, and financing options, with an online webinar starting at 1 p.m.. Compeer Financial has launched a First Time Home Buyer Program, designed to help eliminate barriers like down payments and Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) costs.

Leffew is part of Compeer’s Rural Living Solutions team. He says what sets them apart is their program allows prospective buyers to access up to $400,000 in financing to purchase homes situated in small towns and rural areas within Compeer’s territory. Leffew says that not only helps make the sale, it also helps invigorate rural communities with new faces!

Leffew say they’ll be discussing their unique offer of a 0% down payment requirement and the exclusion of PMI expenses. Those are two things that can often stand in the way of aspiring homeowners, but Compeer’s program aims to make the dream of homeownership a reality.

Leffew is quick to point out that potential partners will still need to meet rigorous credit standards, and their properties will have to meet certain criteria as well, but if all the pieces come together – that little slice of paradise could be yours!

For more information about Compeer’s First-Time Homebuyer Program, and to see if you or someone you know qualifies, please visit