Cottage Grove Alpaca Farm Meets Fiber Demands

Tom Olson of Fevolden Farm Alpacas in Cottage Grove can be found at most festivals featuring animal fibers. He and his family raise alpacas for fiber and turn those fibers into products for crafts or fashion. 

“Alpaca fiber is a sought out alternative to sheep’s wool because it is easier to clean and less irritating to the skin for some folks,” explains Olson. “This is because an alpaca’s fleece lacks lanolin which is a natural oil found on sheep’s wool.”

Olson says they have been in the business for over 20 years and work with different co-ops and suppliers to keep up with demand.

Fevolden Farm Alpacas is a member of Dane Buy Local which includes both Dane and Jefferson counties.  Olson says more people are seeking out locally produced items, creating demand for the farm’s 25 alpacas. 

Olson and his wife Ginny sell alpaca fleece and products out of their home studio in Cottage Grove. He also encourages anyone interested in learning more about alpacas or purchasing fiber to visit their website.