Costs Rise For Baked Goods

Anyone walking in to the store or ordering a coffee will notice fall merchandise and flavors are here.

Valley Cooperative Association knows this, too. The company is gearing up for a busy season. Valley sells donut mix, among other things, to orchards and others. This is how consumers get the beloved apple cider donuts and other baked goods at their favorite orchard or pumpkin patch.

Kate Farrell, an account manager in the company’s retail department, works with orchards and bakeries. She says this is the busiest time of year for her. After 20 years with Valley, she says this year has been unique with labor and product shortages. By securing plan Bs for ingredients, packaging and other supplies, she says Valley is able to stay on top of keeping products and substitutes in-stock for customers.

Looking ahead, Farrell says flour, oil and sugar has been affected by droughts and extreme temperatures. This will raise the cost of those goods. She says agribusiness customers may increase the costs of their apple cider donuts, for example, to avoid absorbing those increased costs of goods.

Next week is Valley’s Annual Food Show at the Lambeau Field Atrium. Farrell says it’s Valley’s comeback year after having had a virtual show last year due to the pandemic. The event is sports themed. While registration ended Aug. 6, Farrell says interested folks can contact Valley Bakers to attend.