Cornell Tops Intercollegiate Dairy Judging

Cornell University finished first among seventeen schools in the National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest on September 27 at World Dairy Expo®. The Cornell University team, who finished with a score of 2,468, placed third for reasons, second in placings, and had the top two individuals Bryce Windecker and Johnathan King, who both had a score of 829. In addition to these two judges, the team also included Grace Harrigan and Laura Littrell and was coached by Kevin Ziemba. Finishing second and third overall with only a one point margin were Virginia Tech and Iowa State University, respectively. Other teams finishing in the top five include University of Wisconsin – Platteville, University of Minnesota and Pennsylvania State University.  

Teams and individuals receiving recognition include:

Top Ten Teams – Overall:

1.       Cornell University, 2,468, team members: Johnathan King, Grace Harrigan, Bryce Windecker and Laura Littrell, coached by Kevin Ziemba
2.       Virginia Tech, 2,445, team members: Seth Carson, Elizabeth Menard, Joseph Real and George Sebright, coached by Katharine Knowlton
3.       Iowa State University, 2,444, team members: Anna Hanson, Amanda Engelken, Brianna McBride and Jessica Schmitt, coached by Christen Burgett
4.       University of Wisconsin – Platteville, 2,435, team members: Megan Breuch, Emma Buss, Maddy Gwidt and Brooklyn Hollis, coached by Cory Weigel
5.       University of Minnesota, 2,420, team members: Matthias Annexstad, Leif Annexstad, Ashley Hagenow and Kjersten Veiseth, coached by Les Hansen, Alicia Hiebert, Eric Houdek, and Gabriella Houdek
6.        The Pennsylvania State University, 2,406, team members Ryan Allen, Hannah Diehl, Austin Kolb and Madison Woodis, coached by Dale Olver
7.       University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2,393, team members: Jared Baudhuin, Josh Gerbitz, Anne Runde and Colin Uecker, coached by Brian Kelroy and Trent Olson
8.       University of Illinois, 2,392, team members: Justin Huff, Ainsley Peterson and Rachel Scidmore, coached by Derek Nolan
9.       California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2,380, team members: Lantz Adams, Matthew Brasil, Ryan Haringa and Genevieve Regli, coached by Caitlin Lopes and Morgan Wonderly
10.   University of Wisconsin – River Falls, 2,370, team members: Mikayla Erf, Marie Haase, Lacey Nelson and Colin Wussow, coached by Mary Holle

Top Ten Individuals:

1.       Bryce Windecker, 829, Cornell University
2.       Johnathan King, 829, Cornell University
3.       Elizabeth Menard, 828, Virginia Tech
4.       Ainsley Peterson, 827, University of Illinois
5.       Maddy Gwidt, 827, University of Wisconsin – Platteville
6.       Hannah Diehl, 818, The Pennsylvania State University
7.       Emma Buss, 818, University of Wisconsin – Platteville
8.       Brianna McBride, 817, Iowa State University
9.       Josh Gerbitz, 817, University of Wisconsin – Madison
10.    Amanda Engelken, 817, Iowa State University

Top Ten Teams – Reasons:

1.       California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 821, coached by Caitlin Lopes and Morgan Wonderly
2.       Virginia Tech, 816, coached by Katharine Knowlton
3.       Cornell University, 812, coached by Kevin Ziemba
4.       University of Minnesota, 807, coached by Les Hansen, Alicia Hiebert, Eric Houdek and Gabriella Houdek
5.       The Pennsylvania State University, 801, coached by Dale Olver
6.       University of Wisconsin – Madison, 800, coached by Brian Kelroy and Trent Olson
7.       University of Wisconsin – Platteville, 798, coached by Cory Weigel
8.       University of Illinois,796, coached by Derek Nolan
9.       Iowa State University,789, coached by Christen Burgett
10.    University of Wisconsin – River Falls, 775, coached by Mary Holle

Top Ten Individuals – Reasons:

1.       Ainsley Peterson, 282, University of Illinois
2.       Ashley Hagenow, 279, University of Minnesota
3.       Genevieve Regli, 278, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
4.       Elizabeth Menard, 276, Virginia Tech
5.       Hannah Diehl, 276, The Pennsylvania State University
6.       Brianna McBride, 275, Iowa State University
7.       Maddy Gwidt, 274, University of Wisconsin – Platteville
8.       Bryce Windecker, 273, Cornell University
9.       Michael Wolf, 273, University of Connecticut
10.    Grace Harrigan, 273, Cornell University

The National Youth Contests are made possible in part through generous support of Platinum Level Sponsor, Bayer Crop Science; Gold Level Sponsor, STgenetics and Cullenberg & Tensen, PLLC; Silver Sponsors, Bio-Vet, Inc.; Bronze Sponsors, Agri Feed International, L.L.C and Revolution; and additional supporters.

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