Corn Harvest Nearly Three-Quarters Done

Wisconsin farmers had really made some progress on fall tillage and manure application during the above average temperatures earlier this month. The corn harvest moved along until the cold front came late last week, bringing reports of freezing ground in northern Wisconsin.

According to the latest crop progress and condition report, harvest of corn for grain was 71 percent finished the week ending Nov. 13. That’s eight days behind last year but two days ahead of the 5-year average. Moisture content of corn harvested for grain was 19 percent.

Winter wheat emerged was at 94 percent. Winter wheat condition was rated 84 percent good to excellent
statewide, up 2 percentage points from last week.

Topsoil moisture condition rated 82 percent adequate to surplus. Subsoil moisture condition 81 percent adequate to surplus.

Fall tillage was 71 percent complete, even with last year but over two weeks ahead of the average.