Conservation Bill Passes Senate

The state Senate has passed a bill that expands eligibility for nitrate-contaminated wells under the well compensation grant program, invests in producer-led watershed protection grants, and modifies the allocation for county conservation grants.

Sen. Brad Pfaff, D-Onalaska, says he’s proud to co-sponsor and vote for the bipartisan package that will help farmers implement strategies to keep nutrients in the soil, replace contaminated wells and prevent pollutant runoff. But he adds “we can always do more to promote good land and water stewardship here in Wisconsin.”

“We’re investing in the health and wellness of rural communities,” he says. “My hope is that we can continue working across the aisle towards common-sense solutions to our state’s generational problems.”

The bill, SB-678, passed the Senate on a voice vote. The action was messaged to the Assembly for consideration. See the bill: