Christmas In June For Tree Farmers

Greg Hann owns and operates Hann’s Christmas Farm in Oregon, just south of Madison. 

While most people are not thinking about Christmas at this time of year, Hann is making sure the perfect tree is waiting for you come Nov. 1, when he opens up his 80-acre tree farm. 

In addition to protecting the trees from the weather, bugs, weeds and disease, Hann is also shaping the tree. He touches the trees three times per year to trim the tops and the sides of the tree.

Hann hires about 100 people in the fall to make wreaths. He hasn’t had problems finding help. In 2020, he was happy to employ waitstaff and chefs in the area who were out of work due to the pandemic.

Hann encourages young people to get involved in tree farming to meet growing demand for live Christmas trees.

He noted the trees to be harvested this year are looking good. The rain in southern Wisconsin helped. He also says trees will bounce back from the late frost in northern Wisconsin.