Cheesin’ For The Bucks

Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee is right by Deer District and the Fiserv Forum. Bucks fans have been enjoying Wisconsin Cheese and the store has been experiencing increased foot traffic and sales.

Emily McNulty, Operations Manager with Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee, says, “On game days either home or away, we see a 15% increase in our sales.” The NBA Finals games are a great way to celebrate not only the Bucks, but Wisconsin cheese too! They sell mostly 8 ounce cheeses in their store because the customer can mix and match easier and McNulty says, “If you are going to the game you can throw it in your purse and take it with you or if you are in the Deer District you can have it as a snack.”

Last year, they were looking forward to the Democratic National Convention happening in Milwaukee, but since the pandemic cancelled that plan, this is a nice make-up for it. McNulty says the Milwaukee Bucks games, “Impacts our sales which is really great to make up almost for last year, but also to reward everyone in Milwaukee for having a great time watching the Bucks hopefully win the finals”

The Wisconsin Cheese Mart also have themed platters to cater to different kinds of tastes. There are great combinations cheese has with beer and wine. One combination of cheese that pairs well with beer is Mango Fire. McNulty says, “It is a cheddar cheese and it has both chunks of mango and habanero pepper so it’s a nice sweet heat and that goes really well with something really light and drinkable.” There are many more combinations she mentioned too!

Wisconsin Cheese Mart is a family business and has been operating in Milwaukee since 1938. When customers walk through the door McNulty says, “It’s kind of a shock because we have a very large cheese case – 50 feet long!” If you’re not a cheese expert, they can help you find one to celebrate the Bucks tonight! Check out the Wisconsin Cheese Mart website for more information.