Cheese Trends To Watch In 2022

From the viral TikTok feta pasta to declaring cheese the official love language, 2021 was a big year for cheese lovers, according to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

And there’s more to look forward to in the new year as cheese consumption reaches record highs and growth of Wisocnsin specialty cheese outpaces the entire category.

Here are the trends you should look for in 2022:

  1. Classic Dishes Get an Upgrade. DFW says young foodies are looking to recreate classic comfort dishes, and adding cheese is one of the easiest ways to create “restaurant quality” food at home. Find tips and recipes:
  2. Upcycling Leftovers in Your Own Kitchen. Food waste is estimated at up to 40 percent of the U.S. food supply, according to the USDA. While consumers look to reduce food waste in their own homes, they’re looking for new ways to use leftovers, such as upcycling cheese rinds for broths, sauces or infused olive oil. Any cheese that goes untouched from a cheese board, for example, can be used to make Fromage Fort.
  3. Discovering Global Flavors at Home. Many top-rated cheese shops carry a variety of Wisconsin cheeses with German, Swiss, Italian, Dutch, and Hispanic roots for consumers who want to explore something new and expand their taste buds.
  4. Some Like It Hot. Wisconsin cheesemakers are constantly developing new, delicious cheeses including some with serious heat that consumers crave. In 2021, buffalo flavored cheese sales grew 145.2 percent, and ghost pepper infused cheese increased 45.8 percent. 
  5. Cheese Will Bring People Together. The Cheeselandia community has over 4,000 members who stay connected on social media and join monthly virtual events to get a behind the scenes look at creameries, meet Master Cheesemakers, cook with top rated chefs, learn from cheesemongers and more.

“Cheeselandia offers people a way to meet new friends and discover new destinations without ever having to leave home, giving members a sense of community and belonging while bonding over a shared love of cheese,” says Suzanne Fanning, DFW senior vice president. “We have exciting things planned for the year ahead and we’re excited to see cheese continue to bring people together.”

With over 600 different types, styles and varieties of cheese to choose from, there is a Wisconsin Cheese for everyone on your shopping list — just look for the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese® badge at your local retailer.