Cattlemen Support Labelling

The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association (WCA) testified in support of Senate Bill 82, legislation authored by Senator Howard Marklein and Representative Clint Moses, which would allow only products that are derived from animals to be labeled as “meat.”

WCA’s support for SB ­­­­82 is based on both protecting the integrity of our beef products and alleviating consumer confusion in regard to labeling of food products.

“The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association supports the clear labeling of meat products,” said Matt Ludlow, President of the WCA.  “WCA firmly believes that the establishment of clear labels will protect the integrity of our beef products.  Our beef industry has spent a significant amount of time, money, and effort to establish and maintain a healthy, wholesome, and nutritious product.  Having legislation in place to label true beef products as meat will protect the integrity that has been established over time.  Additionally, having clear labels will alleviate consumer confusion.  Product labels simply ensure that alternative meat products do not mislead consumers into thinking they are purchasing actual beef products.”

WCA appreciates Senator Marklein’s and Representative Moses’ leadership on this important issue.