Carbon Credits, Feed Efficiency And Markets

Next week’s episodes of The Dairy Signal™ from Professional Dairy Producers (PDPW) will provide timely insights for dairy producers on opportunities with carbon markets, the latest in nutrient and feed-efficiency research, and a market update. The Tues., April 26, episode will focus on the business decisions involved in carbon marketplace contracts. The monthly Rising Stars Graduate Research Showcase on Wednesday will feature ongoing research on choline and feed efficiency. A bi-weekly market and industry news report will air on Thurs., April 28.

Tuesday, April 26

Carbon markets present a number of opportunities for today’s farmers but they also come with potential risks. A recent PDPW Business Conference presentation, the topic is being made available to present to a broader audience the options available to meet a farm’s business goals. Those tuning in live are encouraged to engage with the presenter and ask questions about the logistics, dynamics and carbon-marketplace contract terms. Episode presenter will be:

·        Patrick Wood, Founder and General Manager, Ag Methane Advisors, LLC

Wednesday, April 27
Sponsored by Balchem, this month’s Rising Stars Graduate Research Showcase features students from the University of Florida. They will share research on the impact of choline on hepatic metabolism and performance in dairy cows as well as studies on how a cow’s ability to utilize nutrients can impact her production, health and reproduction. Episode presenters will be:

·        Usman Arshad, PhD student, University of Florida

·        Mariana Nehme Marinho, PhD student, University of Florida

·        Dr. José Eduardo Santos, Research Foundation Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida

Thursday, April 28

Staying on top of the latest news on global grain markets, dairy industry trends and other economic factors that impact dairy farming can overwhelming. Tune in to hear the latest news and market trends in this bi-weekly market update. Episode presenter will be:

·        Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company

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