Capitalize On Conflict

The Dairy Signal from Professional Dairy Producers will share insights on preparing dairy farms and businesses for the future.

Tuesday, November 22

Since it’s not possible to completely avoid conflicts, let’s learn to manage, minimize and even use conflict as a competitive advantage in your business. Encore Consultants’ Liz Griffith and Tim Schaefer will help us understand where conflict comes from and how to optimize it in this interactive episode.

Wednesday, November 23

Tune in to hear what might impact dairy and commodity markets, exports and more as 2022 winds down. Bring your questions for an informative discussion on what you should be thinking about regarding your dairy business as we head into 2023. Episode presenter will be Dan Basse, president of AgResource Company.

The Dairy Signal is a weekly series of educational episodes offering insights and resources for fellow dairy farmers and other food-system professionals across the value chain. Developed by dairy farmers and members of the Professional Dairy Producers Board of Directors, the episodes air live from 12-1 p.m. each Tuesday, Wednesday and non-holiday Thursdays. Access all previously broadcasted sessions here: