Building Demand For American Soybeans

Environmental sustainability and conservation are top priorities for the American Soybean Association. ASA Vice President Brad Doyle says the organization is telling the story of soybean conservation success as climate change becomes the most prominent issue facing the globe.

Soybean farmers have years on their belt of no-till production and cover cropping to preserve high erodible soil. But Doyle says there’s more opportunity for farmers to adopt conservation practices. On the policy front, ASA is always looking for new uses for soybeans and new markets.

As part of that effort, ASA has the WISHH program — World Initiative for Soy in Human Health. Two projects within that program include teaching Cambodian fish farmers to use soybeans in fish production, and teaching female Ghanaian farmers to use soy in chicken feed to increase egg yields.

ASA execs also meet with foreign customers to build demand. Doyle says Checkoff funded research shows American soybeans have more proteins and amino acids than its counterpart in South America.

Soybeans also have industrial uses from glue to resin and ink to a petroleum replacement in tire production. This is in addition to its foodstuff and livestock uses.

Doyle adds infrastructure to the ASA priority list as well — highways, rural bridges, river lock and dams, and ports are vital to the soybean industry to get the product from field to fork or field to factory.