Beef Council Fundraiser Supports Feeding Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Beef Council is launching a two-week fundraiser, donating all proceeds to Feeding Wisconsin to purchase beef for families in need.

Feeding Wisconsin is the statewide association of the Feeding America food banks that sources, warehouses, and provides food to more than 1,000 local food programs throughout Wisconsin. The
Wisconsin Beef Council has a longstanding partnership with Feeding Wisconsin having donated
$7,000 to the organization from previous efforts.

“We are proud to work together and help the foodbanks across our state,” Wisconsin Beef Council
Director of Communications and Outreach Kaitlyn Kesler said. “We understand the value beef
brings to the table at all stages of life. Beef is a rich protein source offering 10 essential nutrients
that are crucial for growing young minds and bodies as well as maintaining strength as we age.
Ensuring all consumers have access to beef is important to our organization.”

Working with a local apparel company, the Wisconsin Beef Council is selling grey and black t-shirts,
long-sleeve tees, and sweatshirts that feature beef cuts with the text, “You can’t live a full life on an
empty stomach.”

The shirts will be available March 20-April 2 and can be purchased online at https://wi-beef-