Bear Season Harvest Returns To Average
Zone Preliminary Harvest Harvest Quota Percentage of Quota Harvested Hunter Success Rate
A 1,227 1,100 112% 62%
B 711 750 95% 56%
C 484 600 81% 16%
D 1,255 1,800 70% 34%
E 100 160 62% 6%
F 25 30 83% 8%
Statewide Total 3,802 4,440 86% 32%

Nearly 130,000 people applied for a bear hunting license or preference point for the 2021 season, setting a record number of applicants.

“Interest in bear hunting continues to grow in Wisconsin and across the nation,” said Johnson. “With growing demand and a limited number of licenses, we encourage the public to review management zone boundaries and license wait times as they make their hunting plans.”

A full breakdown of the 2021 bear license drawing is available on the DNR website.

Hunters wishing to obtain a license or preference point for the 2022 season are encouraged to apply through Go Wild before the Dec. 10 deadline. Hunters should make sure to check the new zone map before selecting their zone in Go Wild.

Visit the DNR website to learn more about black bear ecology, history and management in Wisconsin and to review the Wisconsin Black Bear Management Plan, 2019-2029.