Be Prepared To Stay Warm

Even though we have been enjoying the nice warm summer and mild fall weather, the bitter cold Wisconsin winter weather will be here before you know it. With that comes a greater need to heat our homes and farms. Many people in rural areas rely on propane to accomplish that, but this year as with many other fuels around the globe, we may face a propane shortage. Lee Parker, Vice President of Energy and Retail with Alcivia shares what consumers can do to make sure they are prepared and not left out in the cold.

“The impact of COVID on oil production has impacted propane production as well,” says Parker. Usually propane supplies build throughout the summer, which wasn’t necessarily the case this year. It has caused quite a bit of concern through the industry. It is even a global issue, rather than just a local issue as exports of propane out of the United States have affected supply as well.

Parker says the best thing people can do to ensure they are prepared, is to top of their propane tanks now before we reach winter, and be aligned with a propane provider. Most propane providers offer summer fill programs to be sure customers have what they need. He also mentions to talk with your provider or find one that has a plan regarding their propane supply going forward. For customers, “aligning themselves with a supplier is about the best step they can make,” says Parker. Make sure to monitor your tank levels through the winter months very closely as well.