Badger Dairy Insight Webinar Focuses On Silage

When corn silage sells, the grower and dairy producer each assign values based on different goals. Both like the agreement to be simple and understandable. Have we based these agreements too much on the grain value in the past? Where does fiber digestibility fit into value calculations? For answers to these questions and others, plan to be on the virtual meeting February 8 th , 2022, from 1:00-2:30pm.

Forage quality goes beyond intake and production, and also modulates feeding behavior patterns. The rest of the presentation will share recent research updates on this topic and connect forage, feedbunk management and animal response. Presenters for this session are: Luiz Ferraretto, UW-Madison Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist-Ruminant Nutrition, and Matt Lippert, Extension Clark and Wood Counties Agriculture Educator.

There will be no session on February 22, 2022. Instead, Extension agriculture educators are encouraging producers, veterinarians, and allied industries to attend the Wisconsin Dairy & Beef Well-Being Conference held at the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, Manitowoc, WI. It is our intent to foster engaging sessions that include the latest research and industry information. To help achieve these goals, a team of excellent speakers will discuss the current cattle well-being concerns of Wisconsin’s farmers.

The conference will feature BQA and FARM updates. The day will feature Ms. Emily Yeiser Stepp, Vice President of the National Dairy FARM program, outlining critical points of care where dairy farms are missing FARM 4.0 compliance. The results of a 2019 disbudding survey will be highlighted by Dr. Jennifer Van Os, UW-Madison Extension Animal Welfare Specialist, and Dr. Sarah Adcock, UW-Madison Assistant Professor of Animal Welfare. In the afternoon, Dr. Jimena Laporta, UW-Madison Assistant Professor of Lactation Physiology, will focus on heat stress and implementing improved ventilation for dry cows. Fitness for transport and using genetics to improve animal health will be discussed, and rounding out the program, Dr. Kate Creutzinger, Assistant Professor of Dairy Animal Welfare at UW-River Falls, will present maternity cow health management strategies. To register please visit:

Badger Dairy Insight webinars are a part of UW-Madison Extension’s Farm Ready Research winter programming for farmers and ag professionals to improve business profitability and lifestyles through informed decision-making.

Learn the most up-to-date information on topics from dairy and livestock production to forage and farm management. Farm Ready Research webinars continue through May 2022. For more information on the Badger Dairy Insight, or additional webinars through Extension’s Farm Ready Research program, please visit