AWA Members Earn $16,000 In Scholarships

The Association of Women in Agriculture Benefit Corporation awarded 21 scholarships totaling over $16,000 to AWA members.

Emma Mathison received the Dr. Larry Satter Memorial Scholarship. Emma is a sophomore majoring in dairy science and agronomy. Dr. Larry Satter was a world-renowned dairy scientist who served as a long-time campus advisor to AWA. New this year — a second scholarship from this fund. Brianna Meyer received the second $1,000 scholarship. Brianna is a freshman majoring in dairy science and life sciences communication.

The Grateful Badgers scholarship alternates between AWA and Alpha Gamma Rho each year. It recognizes members for their excellent standing in the organization and their achievements. This year’s recipient was Kylie Konyn.

Kelsey Hardy, a freshman studying dairy science, earned the Delma Woodburn Memorial Scholarship. Delma Woodburn shared an interest in women’s success in agriculture and provided encouragement and resources to AWA.

The Dr. David Dickson Scholarship went to Clarissa Ulness, a sophomore studying dairy science with certificates in life sciences communication and art studio. Dr. David Dickson was known around the world for his dairy cattle evaluation and coaching skills. He made significant contributions to AWA and mentored many members.

Emily Stumpf earned the Cynthia Benevenga Memorial Scholarship. Emily is majoring in life sciences communication. Cynthia Benevenga was an avid supporter of women’s education and AWA.

Six AWA Active Member scholarships went to Josephine Ammons, Bailey Botterman, Jenna Kudma, Brooke Meinholz, Mariah Miller, and Natalie Roe.

Josephine is a freshman studying agricultural and applied economics with a certificate in public policy. Bailey is a legal studies major in her freshman year. Jenna is a freshman studying agricultural business management. Brooke is majoring in dairy science with certificates in agricultural business management and science communication in her junior year. Mariah is a freshman studying genetics and genomics. Natalie is a junior majoring in dairy science and life sciences communication.

AWA House Resident Scholarships went to three young women: Amanda Bender, a sophomore studying plant pathology; Jenna Gries, a sophomore studying dairy science with certificates in business management for agricultural and life sciences; and Kylie Konyn, a junior studying dairy science.

Faith Baerwolf, Sadie Goettl, and Brigid Heller each received $1,000 in scholarships provided by Demeter. Demeter is a non-profit organization that provides fellowship and supports scholarships for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Faith is a sophomore studying plant pathology. Sadie is an agricultural business management and communication arts major with certificates in public policy and integrated liberal studies in her junior year. Brigid is a sophomore majoring in biological systems engineering.

Natalie Roe earned a special, one-time $1,000 scholarship made possible by Dorothy Harms and CentralStar Cooperative as part of Dorothy’s retirement gift. Dorothy represents the AWA values of service and agricultural advocacy through her work with the 4-H Program and the diversification of her dairy farm Valley Springs Farm into a market and bed and breakfast.

The Nicole Bangart Memorial Scholarship, established in 2015 by the Bangart Family and Brady Kees, provided a scholarship to Lindsay Propst, a junior studying genetics and genomics and nutritional science with a certificate in agricultural business management.

In addition, one memorial scholarship was given in honor of a former AWA member. The Kelsey Jo Olson Memorial Scholarship went to Faith Baerwolf. This award was made possible by the Olson family.