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The Wisconsin Beef Council is helping teachers incorporate beef products into middle and high school curriculum across the state as part of its annual Beef in the Classroom Grant Program for the 2022-2023 school year.

“It is crucial to provide these students with the resources they need to understand how beef can
play a role in their everyday lives,” Angie Horkan, Wisconsin Beef Council director of marketing,
said. “We are proud to offer these grants to stimulate conversations about raising beef, utilizing the
product, and finding careers in the industry.”

Focused on Family and Consumer Science and Agriculture classes, this program helps teachers
strengthen their lessons about lean beef selection, storage, preparation, and nutrition by having
funds available to buy and prepare beef with their students.

Last year, Gary Olson at Jefferson High School used the grant to host a blind taste-testing activity
and teach about the different characteristics of beef cuts.

“Each year, more of my students are becoming further removed from knowing where their food
comes from or how it is produced, including beef,” Olson said. “The ability to include a food lab with
our activities was very helpful for engaging the students.”

In the Fall River School District, Melissa Litherland utilized the grant to discuss cooking
temperatures and to host a tasting/food sensory lab.

“This is a wonderful program and a great way to showcase beef in the classroom,” Litherland said.
“Students loved to cook with meat, and I loved being able to explain farming practices, pricing,
production, etc. in a farm to table way.”

The grant reimburses teachers between $100-$300 per school each year depending upon class size. Senior and junior high Family and Consumer Science Classrooms and Agriculture Education
Classrooms are eligible to apply. The fall grant application period will open on September 19 and
closes October 1.

More information about how to apply and a directory of teacher resources can be found at