Alpaca Llama Extravaganza At Farm Wisconsin

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center hosts its third annual Alpaca Llama Extravaganza on Saturday, Jan. 21. This family-friendly event will allow guests to learn about and explore these two cousin species.

In partnership with LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch and Black Frog Farm, this event allows guests the opportunity to meet and pet the animals as they learn more about them. This event will highlight the unique fiber of alpacas and llamas and how it is commonly used.

While enjoying the animals, visitors will be able to learn from the experts who own and care for them. Attendees will learn from first-hand experiences what it is like to raise these animals and what makes the two so different. To commemorate their visit, guests will be able to purchase products made from both alpaca and llama fiber.

“We look forward to the return this year of one of our most successful events from 2022: Alpaca Llama Extravaganza,” says Abigail Winkel, program manager. “The event perfectly highlights how diverse the agriculture community is in Wisconsin, and does a great job shining a light on the fiber industry in particular.”

Access to this event will be included in the price of regular Farm Wisconsin admission. Purchase admission ahead of time, here: