A Voice for Wisconsin’s Beef Industry

Wisconsin’s cattle producers are facing a myriad of challenges, from the persistent wolf issue to unpredictable weather patterns, while also navigating regulatory landscapes at both the state and federal levels. The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association (WCA) is actively engaged in addressing these challenges and seizing opportunities to bolster the state’s beef industry.

Despite these challenges, the WCA is fostering discussions around grazing management plans and exploring job options to support cattle producers in preparing for the year ahead.

Market access and trade have also been focal points for the association. With an increasing demand for local beef, the WCA has concentrated efforts on enhancing access to market avenues and adding value to feeder cattle.

“We’ve seen a shift in the market with a growing emphasis on local beef,” explains Zuck. “We’re working to maximize the value of our cattle, ensuring they meet market demands and preparing for potential market fluctuations in the future.”

Animal health and welfare remain paramount concerns for the WCA. The association has made strides in promoting the Beef Quality Assurance program, with over 80% of Wisconsin producers certified. Discussions around animal disease traceability have also been underway, aiming to safeguard against potential threats to export markets and industry pricing.

Zuck says WCA serves as a voice for beef cattle producers in Wisconsin. Through advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels, the association has influenced policy decisions to create a more favorable operating environment for producers.

“Membership support is crucial in amplifying our voice and driving positive change for our industry. We encourage all beef cattle producers to join our association and stay engaged in the political process at both the state and local levels.”