A New Spin On Agro-Tourism

By now, you’re probably familiar with Air BNB’s, VRBO’s and even “glamping” – but there’s a new contender in the way people can vacation in the country. Meet “Harvest Hosts”, a unique, self-contained vacation option – based on an idea that caught on in France.

Joel Holland is the CEO of Harvest Hosts. His background is in technology, but when he and his wife decided to exit that industry – they dedicated essentially two years of their lives to explore the lower 48 states and see “everything”. Holland says, over time, they realized something was missing in their adventure. “We were using standard RV campgrounds,” Holland tells Pam Jahnke. “We found they were functional, but pretty utilitarian.” Holland said they passed all kinds of farms, vineyards and other vistas they would’ve loved to visit – and that’s how the idea of Harvest Hosts was initially born.

Holland says he was fortunate that another couple had already inoculated the idea that morphed into Harvest Hosts, in Arizona. After visiting with that couple, Holland bought out their investment and pivoted to growing the hosting network and marketing it to fellow travelers.

Today, Harvest Host has hundreds of camping options offered across all of North America – and more than a couple dozen featured right here in Wisconsin! He says they’re always looking for new farms and agri-tourism sites that might welcome not only the visitors, but the potential financial benefits that they highlight.

If you’d like to investigate all the unique options for camping that Harvest Host offers – just click and explore. If you’d like to consider becoming one of their hosts, investigate how that can happen here.