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Roasted Corn Takes Coordination

One of the classic treats enjoyed at the Wisconsin State Fair each year is a roasted ear of corn. Although it is only enjoyed for 11 days at the State Fair, the planning and coordination last…

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Rain Boosted Crop Conditions

Most of the state recently saw much needed rain, helping to reduce stress from the dry conditions in corn and soybeans. This is according to the most recent update from the USDA’s National…

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Keep Your Cattle Cool

In this heat wave, we know you’re worried about your livestock – and luckily there are resources for you to go to to help keep your animals safe and productive. Extension specialist and UW Prof.…

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Farm Real Estate Up 10%

It’s not just food, fuel and fertilizer prices that have gone up — farm real estate value is up 10 percent from last year. Cropland cash rent paid to Wisconsin landlords in 2022 averaged $149 per…

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Dairy Cares Campaign Sets Record

Non-profit organization, Dairy Cares of Wisconsin, has raised $450,000 on behalf of the Children’s Wisconsin health system during this year’s campaign. Not only does that figure represent the…

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Honey Production Is Strong

This year’s cool spring posed some challenges for beekeepers across the state, forcing them to rush to get everything prepared for this year’s honey production. However, despite the cold weather,…

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Breeding Seeds For Flavor

Please join us for an engaging evening of conversation, learning and tasting brought to you by the Culinary Breeding Network, Seed to Kitchen Collaborative and Artisan Grain Collaborative. This…

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Make The Most Of Feed

This week’s The Dairy Signal episodes from Professional Dairy Producers will help dairy producers make the most of their feed sources and technology while managing through today’s economy. More…

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