$5 Million Export Bill Passed In Senate

Senator Brad Pfaff (D-Onalaska) is pleased to announce that on Monday, November 8th, the State Senate passed legislation that expands Wisconsin’s agricultural exports. This bill will help increase the value of Wisconsin dairy, meat, poultry, and crop exports to keep our state competitive in the global marketplace. 

After the vote, Sen. Pfaff said, “What’s good for our farmers is good for our state. Agriculture is Wisconsin’s second-largest industry, bringing our state $105 billion every year.”

“Finding new markets and increasing the value of our dairy, meats, and produce allows our farms to grow and compete in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Consumers from throughout the world desire our agricultural products. From our award-winning cheeses to cranberries, ginseng, and meats, the demand for quality Wisconsin food products continues to grow.”

“Creating new market opportunities is a crucial component of reviving our rural economy. For instance, the United States exports just 5% of its cheese. With this bill, farmers and processors will be able to unlock many more of these international markets.”

“The unanimous passage of this common-sense legislation highlights what we can accomplish while putting our heads together to do what’s best for Wisconsin.”

The Assembly passed AB-314 on October 26th, and the Senate concurred on November 8th. The bill is currently awaiting signature by Governor Evers. The legislation can be viewed online at https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2021/related/proposals/ab314.