4,800 Cars Off The Road

Promega just released its most ambitious environmental sustainability goals yet, including cutting emissions by 50 percent by 2030. That is equivalent to taking 4,800 cars off the road or the emissions equivalent of powering 4,000 homes annually.

The Madison-based life sciences company won’t literally take cars off the road, instead they’ll turn to renewable energy to power their energy-intensive laboratories, says Corey Meek, corporate responsibility program manager at Promega.

Promega is responsible for three solar arrays in Fitchburg in the last 18 months. A few months ago, the company also partnered with MGE to begin standing up the largest solar project in Dane County.

Promega also seeks to cut landfill waste and water usage by 30 percent each by 2030.

Meek says it makes good business sense to be environmentally friendly. He says sustainable practices reduce the bottom line, please customers, and help attract and retain talent.

See the full corporate responsibility report: https://promega.widen.net/s/vcxtmkbf8f/2021corprespreport-digital